Maxx Air Fan vs Fantastic Fan?

What's the best Fan for your RV?  Is the Maxx Air Fan or the Fantastic Fan the better fan for your roof vent?  Here's my personal take on the Maxxair Fan vs Fantastic Fan debate.  Both fans preform well, and the price of the Fantastic Fan has come down considerable in the last two years.  Here's a run down of our experience with these RV roof fans.


The Best rooftop rv fans

Full Disclosure, we've had two different styles of Maxx Air fans on two different trailers.  We choose not to purchase a Fantastic Fan because the features you receive for the price aren't comparable to the features available on a Maxx Air Fan.  Both times we've installed the fans ourselves and found it very easy to install a rooftop fan on our RV.  I'm working on a video about that install and will post it here when it's uploaded.  

I recently discovered that my friend's Imagine Travel Trailer by Grand Designs had Maxx Air lids, but didn't have Maxx Air fans.  Instead, the fans were those tiny little fans that do nothing but kill your battery and bring in very little air flow.  

Do yourself a favor, switch out your rooftop fan on your RV.  It takes about two hours because you need to be careful not to rip your roof.  The job itself is really easy.  In a separate post, I'll detail everything you need to do to switch out your factory rv fan and link it to this article when I do.

For more information about the Maxx Air Fan vs Fantastic Fan, you might want to check out this article from some friends of ours over at Camp Addict about RV Fans.

The Contenders


Fantastic Fan Models

  • Has three speeds
  • Quiet Operation
  • 12 Volt
  • Fits into the standard 14 x 14 RV roof opening
  • Some have variable speed
  • One model has a remote control
  • Two models have a rain sensor

I'm going to be honest.  Our first rooftop RV fan came with all the bells and whistles because I like to buy the best of things so that they last a long time.  We never ever used the remote control after the first few days.  I wouldn't recommend that feature.  

We did however use the rain sensor a lot.  RV'ing with dogs we will often leave the fan on when we are out for the day and this ensures the RV stays cool for the dogs while we are gone.  If it starts to rain then the fan will close itself.

My Recommended Fantastic Fan Model the 3350

  • Rain Sensor
  • Built in Thermostat
  • Reversible Fan (more important than you think)

If you are lucky enough to have two power roof fans in your RV set one to bring air in and one to bring air out.  We saw someone do this with a conversion van build and it felt like the air conditioning was running!

Maxx Air Fan Models (my RECOMMENDATION)

  • Fit the standard 14 x 14 rooftop hole
  • Variable speeds
  • Powerful motors
  • Easy to remove insect screen
  • Intake and Exhaust

When it comes to options, Maxx Air is the leading fan in options available for a roof top fan on your van or RV.  I won't lie.  The Maxx Air fan is my favorite fan for RV'ing and we installed one in both of our trailers.  For us, this fan is the clear winner.  Below are the two fans that we have owned by Maxx Air and why I liked each of them.  On our new Heritage Glen 33 foot travel trailer, we choose to go with the fan without the remote because we never used it.  We also decided to go with the model that can run while it was raining because we knew we'd be traveling in the Pacific Northwest the following summer.

Our first Maxx Air Fan the 4500K

  • Quiet Operation
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Auto-closes in the Rain
  • Remote Control
  • Multiple Speeds

Our Current Maxx Air Fan the 5100K

  • Multiple Speeds
  • Fan Reverses in and out
  • Works in the Rain
  • Quiet Operation
  • Our top choice for the perfect rooftop fan.  This is our actual fan installed!

Installation video maxxair fan

Fantastic Fan vs Maxx Air Fan Re-Cap

Thank you for reading this post about fans, and if you found it useful please consider purchasing your fans through one of the provided links.  It costs you nothing and gives us a little monetary "tip" for helping you out.  

In the Maxx Air Fan vs Fantastic Fan War we clearly like the Maxx Air better.  We have installed and used both of the fans listed in the Maxx Air Fan section and highly recommend them.  Please, if you have any questions at all, I'd love to help you with whatever knowledge I have.  I remember when I first started RV'ing how difficult it was to weed through the information about RV'ing especially as a woman.  Drop a comment below and I'll make sure to answer your questions and respond to comments.  I'll be writing a post and we have a video filmed about how to install a rooftop RV fan and will link it here. 

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