Hi!  I'm Angelica.

Welcome to Born to Be Nomadic.  Back in 2014, I decided to trade in an ordinary existence for one that inspired me and hit the road full time to travel.  The world has always been my home, but now I've formally embraced my existence as a woman traveler.  I travel by RV, tent, or backpack, with a smile.

One awesome man and two fluffy dogs travel with me as we explore the world.  Together we've visited most of the west by RV or tent.  We've explored parts of Europe and India.  Solo, I traveled to Egypt, Cambodia, Thailand, Peru, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Japan, Turkey, and more.  I want to see the world.

Ultimately we want to move onto a sailboat and take our home wherever we go.  

Why We Travel

Both Paul and I worked in corporate jobs for most of our lives.  We felt a great sense of disappointment with the idea of 9 to 5.  We didn't feel satisfied seeing the same people, going to the same places, and doing the same things everyday.  The idea of spending your life making money to buy coffee and clothes and new knick nacks seemed like a waste of our lives.  We longed for constant change and new experiences.  The road has allowed us this outlet.

We aren't exceptionally rich or lucked our way into this.  Traveling was a chance that we took that we hoped would work out.  Along the way we pick up jobs and make sacrifices to stay on a budget so we can continue to travel.

About two years ago, my mom passed away.  I hadn't seen her in 20 years.  She was only 61 and her life had been a struggle.  She suffered from extreme medical issues and mental health problems.  For me, traveling full-time has been a way to live the life she never could.  It has been an outlet to connect with her on a spiritual level.

The time is now.  Tomorrow is not promised.  For us, life is to be lived and experienced.  

Our Travel Style

For many nomads, it's all about minimalism and tiny living.  That isn't what really attracted me to full-time travel, although having a smaller impact on the planet is an awesome feeling, I still like to have my comforts.  

I love to cook.  I like wearing colorful clothing and being eccentric.  Paul and I both like to dine out, participate in local culture, and drink good wine and beer.

We don't live as big as some and we don't live as small as others.  We live the way we are happy living and we make social change in the way that we feel is most accessible.  Trying to change the world by consuming less water, products, and resources.  Our power comes from the sun and our souls are fed by experiences.

What about those Fluffy Dogs?

morgan and dino golden retrievers

The english cream golden is Dino Martin and Morgan Zzyzx is our traditional golden.  Morgan has been in the family since 2013 and Dino arrived on Paul's birthday in 2018.  We've had both dogs since they were 13 weeks old.  They only know a life of travel and love.  If you ever see them, please come and say hello.  These dogs live for making people happy and giving and getting snuggles.  

What are we Here to Share?

The Travel Adventure - we want you to see everything we see.  If it's so you can dream or plan your next adventure, that's for you to decide.  You can join us on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

Off-Grid Living - Tips and tricks on how to reduce your impact on the planet and make your life glampourous and easy.

RV Travel - What we've learned and the mistakes we've made can be your lucky wins.  I think it's particuarly more challenging to be a woman traveler whether you travel with or without a partner.  What we woman travelers are doing is still new to most of the world and we have unique experiences that need to be addressed.  I hope you find something here that makes traveling in an RV as a woman much easier.

Backpacking and Traveling Light - how to travel the world with just one bag.  I've been watching Rick Steves since I was a young child.  He taught me so much about experiences over quantity.  We want to help you with ideas that can make your travels lighter and more fun.

Earning Money on the Road - One of the number one questions asked on RV forums is how do you make money while on the road?  We've done it!  We know tons of people who do it and we want to share that information with you.  Psst, its easier than you think!

Favorite Gadgets and Do Dads - What makes traveling easier and more enjoyable?  We only share things that we use ourselves.  We live really well and comfortably and I want that for you.  When you make a purchase through some of our links, it costs you nothing, but we get a small commission on the purchase.  That helps us continue to create content for you.  Thank you.  It's like a tip jar.

How did I get here?

I believe that you can be anything you want to in this life.  If someone else is doing it then you can as well.  It's not difficult, it just requires determination.

For ten years, I taught yoga.  I owned an extraordinary yoga studio in Las Vegas, Nevada that I created and founded.  In 2018, I sold the studio to some of my students and you can still visit it today.  Although many of the things I did have changed, the heart of the space remains the same, a gathering place for people from all over the world to experience the unique love of Las Vegas.

angelica at sin city yoga

Over 10,000 people came through the doors when I owned Sin City Yoga. and while I enjoyed working in that space, everything in life comes to an end.  I noticed over the years that most people wait.  They don't listen to signals.  The universe is always speaking to you.  It's constantly telling you when it's time to move in a different direction.  If you don't listen, it will get louder.  If you learn to get quiet, hear the tempo of the planet, god, spirit, universe, your conception of higher power, it will tell you when it's right to move and change.  I'm getting better at hearing those change markers before the movement becomes a painful must do.  That is why I sold the studio.  It was time to move.  My purpose on the planet had shifted.

I believe that it's my destiny to help people. Honestly, I believe that is all of our destiny. You start with what you know.  Along the way a number of incredible women helped me learn how to live on the road.  How to hook up a trailer.  How to obtain a solar set-up.  How to find a community.  How to cook in a trailer.  My goal is to bring that all together in one place so when you decide, or if you've already decided, to launch your dreams, the how to live your dream is all in one place.

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