Best Non-Electric Kitchen Gadgets for Your RV or Van

Off Grid Kitchen

I’ve found the very best kitchen accessories that don’t use any electricity. We’ve lived in a number of different lifestyles while traveling on the road. I’ve lived in a car, a tepui tent, a tear-drop style trailer, a 17 foot Viking Travel Trailer, and now a 33 foot Heritage Glen Travel Trailer. All of these set-ups have had a number of different types of electricity options. We have friends who live in a van with no electricity at all.

Being a minimalist and living tiny doesn't mean you can't be glamporous.  These off-grid kitchen gadgets were a game changer for living off-grid in a variety of set-ups.  For two years we lived in the tiny RV pictured above with just a 100 watt solar panel and one lead acid battery.  That meant being very conservative on battery power.  You can find out more about our current and old off-grid solar setup by going to our article and video on RV Solar Power.

I love off-grid cooking in an RV or outside while hanging out remotely in our tent.  That means cooking without electricity.  

If you live in a van, then this spice rack is perfect! Because you already have magnetic walls. For the rest of us, we'll have to purchase a magnetic plate to go with our magnetic spice holders.

This is the best spice rack for your Off-Grid Kitchen because not only is it a space saver, but it's a $$$ saver. You can buy all your spices in bulk and you won't have to pay for the packaging anymore!

Magnetic Spice Rack

I choose this particular crank coffee grinder because it's not glass. Not having glass is really important in an off-grid kitchen for your RV, Van, or Sailboat because who wants that breaking while underway? Not me.

If you want to really be glampourous then this is the way to go glamping! Fresh coffee in the morning is one of my favorite RV travel pastimes. This really is a must-have RV Kitchen Gadget. Especially if you want to be fabulous and still not use electricity. One of the really cool things about traveling is exploring the local culture, and if you are a coffee lover, that means exploring the local coffee makers. Of course you want to honor that coffee by grinding it yourself.

Off-grid Coffee Grinder

Now that you've ground the perfect coffee in your van, RV, tiny home, or sailboat, you'll want to brew it up. This stainless steel french press is double walled to keep your coffee hot on those cold mornings, which seems like most mornings in an RV.

Coffee time is my favorite time of day and I look forward to it every night when I close my eyes. Make your morning ritual in your RV important by treating yourself to fantastic coffee.

Off-Grid Coffee Maker

3. Collapsible Salad Spinner Space Saver for Tiny Living

We don't have a collapsible Salad Spinner, but if I'd known they existed when I bought mine, we would have had one. It's way more affordable to buy lettuce and clean it yourself instead of buying pre-washed. Lettuce heads last longer in an RV fridge or cooler than spring mix does. That's why a salad spinner is great. Also! Less water used and you know that's important when living off-grid.

Angelica holding a salad spinner

2. The Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker for Off-Grid Kitchen Setups

This has been the single most used gadget in my RV Off-Grid Kitchen. I love cooking. This makes delicious and nutritious meals quickly in the the RV. It uses the least amount of gas and water because it's one pot.

I recommend bringing your recipes up to high pressure and then doing a slow release on the pressure cooker. This way you are using the least amount of gas and the most delicious way to cook in an RV. It's like a slow cooker in taste but in a fraction of the time.

Don't be tempted to buy the Aluminum Pressure Cooker. It's bad for your health to cook with Aluminum. Spend the extra $10 to get stainless steel. You'll have this pressure cooker the rest of your life. It's worth it.

the Best Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker

1. Cannot Live without rv kitchen item Soda Stream

Listen, I know what you are saying, this isn't a neccessary RV kitchen item. But really, is anything in life neccessary except love and happiness? This is my favorite off-grid kitchen item.

The Soda Stream is my top Glampourous item because who wants to pay for La Croix all the time! You'll pay on average 25 cents per glass made with soda stream and 83 cents per can of La Croix. As a result, you'll save 58 cents for every glass you drink and that's $211 a year if you drank one La Croix a day. Let's face it, what kind of glamper only drinks one a day?

Plus with Soda Stream you can create your own flavors. I like to make lavender and raspberry or fresh local blueberry into a syrup. Sometimes I drink it plain or a squeeze of lime.

Soda Maker Soda Stream

That's it folks!  Those are my very favorite RV Kitchen Must-Haves.  I'd love to know in the comments below what your favorite off-grid kitchen gadgets are in the comments below!